About Us
Jerry Hren, Principal
Laura Ehrlich, Surety Producer
Jennifer Hoagland, Surety Account Executive

From 1980 to present we have specialized in providing
subdivision and contract surety bonds to the building industry
for residential, commercial and industrial projects.  

Bonded projects have ranged from simple two-lot parcel
maps, up to 1,000+ acre residential developments.  We serve
clients with construction and development projects throughout
California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.

Major local projects bonded over the years include: Rancho
Del Oro, Carlsbad Ranch, Encinitas Ranch, North City West,
Rancho Cielo, Sunbow and Carlsbad Oaks North (Industrial

After 27 years of working closely with various surety
companies, engineering firms, local government agencies, title
companies, banks and attorney firms we have developed a
thorough knowledge of the subdivision process, financing and
bond requirements to provide the service necessary to
facilitate an effective and timely response to a developer's
bonding needs.
Hren Surety Insurance Services
specializing in subdivision and contract bonds
Lic. # OF06694
P.O. Box 599, Pauma Valley, CA  92061      Phone: (760) 742-3768  Fax: (760) 742-3769
Updated: August 20th, 2008
Member of the
Building Industry Association
of San Diego